Lost & Found Information

Stop by ASCMV with the found pet, get a photo taken of the animal you found. ASCMV staff will scan the animal for a microchip and assist you in locating the owner. Please fill out a FOUND ANIMAL REPORT as soon as you find any animal.

  • You may request animal control to pick up the animal or you may bring the pet to the shelter yourself.
  • You may choose to keep the animal until the owner can be found after you notify the shelter of your decision. If you choose to keep the animal with you while searching for the owner, please call (575) 382-0018 to make sure we have a report and contact information for you. 

You can also have the animal scanned for a microchip at any local veterinarian office, or by Animal Control (575-526-0795, option 6).

Lost a Pet?

ASCMV receives approximately 40 animals weekly; therefore, we require pet owners to walk through the shelter to look for their missing pets. If a pet has positive identification (microchip, tags) when it comes into the shelter we will make several attempts to notify the owner. Information about found pets will not be given out over the phone. We strongly suggest you visit our facility daily while you are looking for your missing pet.

Important steps you should take to find your pet:

  • Walk through ASCMV as often as you can because animals are continually being brought in throughout the day.
  • Fill out a MISSING PET REPORT.
  • Be sure to check the “Found Reports” as well as the “DOA Reports” located inside the shelter.
  • Post signs around your neighborhood, and include a color photo of your pet as well as a detailed description including age, gender, and if the animal had on a collar. Make sure to note on the lost flyer where and when your pet was last seen. Always include your contact information.
  • Ask to post your “missing pet” signs in local veterinary offices and bring in a copy to add to the “missing animal” book at the shelter.
  • Post/Check Facebook – DogCruces and Lost2Found Pets Las Cruces have a great network for sharing missing or found pets.
  • Place an ad in the local newspapers and check found ads to see if someone has found your pet. (Please use caution if advertising with Craigslist)
  • Most importantly, don’t give up! Often times, animals turn up at shelters weeks or even months after they’ve gone missing.

Stray or unrestrained animals that are brought in with no identifications are held for a minimum of three days in hopes that the owners will come to reclaim them.

Stray or unrestrained animals that have identification information, such as a license tag or microchip, are held for a minimum of five days while our staff attempts to contact the owner.

Remember to microchip your pet and keep the information updated, not only will this process save you time and money, it can save your pet’s life!