Foster Program

They’re not asking for forever, just right now.

By becoming a foster you can provide a safe environment for a homeless pet while they await their forever family.

Animal foster families save lives, encourage playful, healthy, and friendly atmospheres. We’ll provide everything you need to care for your foster you just have to supply the love and attention.

If you are willing and able to care for a pet in need, please complete our foster application and turn it in to the ASCMV at 3551 Bataan Memorial West.


Dog Foster Application

Cat Foster Application

I found an animal, can I foster them?

Any animal brought to the shelter that is found and the finder wants to hold onto it, will be vaccinated and microchipped (if none found). The animal and finder will be entered into our database as a foster. If an owner does not claim the animal in the hold period, the foster has the option to adopt, continue to foster or turn the pet over to the ASCMV.


Thank you foster families of ASCMV, we really appreciate your continued dedication, hard work and humane care.