Dog – Sheltland Sheepdog – 2.5

Date Last Seen: 2022-11-20
Type of Animal: Dog
Breed(s): Sheltland Sheepdog
Sex: Male
Spayed/Neutered? Spayed
Size: Medium
Age: 2.5
License Number: Unknown
Rabies Tag Number: Unknown
Microchip Tag Number: 985 141003587687
Alternate Identification Number:
Collar Description: No Collar
Colors: sable with white and black markings
Defining Characteristics:

Sable, male, purebred, Shetland Sheepdog. The white marking on his nose only goes up half way. He has a full white mane and four white legs. His sable color is on the reddish brown side.

Description and Markings: Was about 35 lbs., taller than a confirmation Sheltie, and when he disappeared, his hair wasn't completely adult Sheltie hair (fullness). But by now, he should be a full-grown sable Sheltie.
Additional Information:

People have him and we have several volunteers watching. When they see the Sheltie, we'll be in contact with Animal Control/Civil Dispute Standby (Police). The family who has him/hiding and moving him know we suspect they have my SkyeWalker, not their Skywalker.

Area Last Seen

First sighted on the corner of Pena Blanca Loop and Ladera Canyon Rd, about 900 on Nov. 20, 2022. Later in the day, he was spotted running west on Soledad Canyon Rd. near Rock House Rd. Since then, we believe he was found, but not reported found or taken to anyone to be scanned (vets, shelters, others). He has been sighted with a family with Aussie's in the McGuffey area of Las Cruces, but until I can verify, if the Sheltie, they told people they got at the Shelter about the time my Sheltie went missing, is SkyeWalker, I won't call Animal Control/Police. (ASCMV should already have had a report for SkyeWalker. I submitted one on November 21, 2022, but he's no longer shown on the website. I also submitted a police report when I suspected SkyeWalker was taken from the county in to Las Cruces. I hope they still have it.) The people who I believe have my Sheltie call him Skywalker; I'm missing a now 2.5-yr-old SkyeWalker. SkyeWalker was still one when he disappeared.

Owners Name: Peggy
Primary Phone Number: (575) 636-0044