Dog – Border Collie – 14 mo

Date Last Seen: 2022-05-25
Type of Animal: Dog
Breed(s): Border Collie
Sex: Male
Spayed/Neutered? Spayed
Size: Medium
Age: 14 mo
License Number: NA
Rabies Tag Number: R22-191267
Microchip Tag Number: 9855113005514661
Alternate Identification Number:
Collar Description: black & white-partial leash attached (the leash is black & white braided)
Colors: Black & White
Defining Characteristics:

Stout husky build, though only 45 lbs. He walks "low" to the ground--very very timid!

Description and Markings: Black back and head, with muzzle white on front 1/2 with small black spots. Legs are white with small black spots as well. Dk brown eyes.
Additional Information:

We JUST adopted him last evening up in Albuquerque, where he'd been in foster care for a short time. They placed a collar & lead on him at the shelter & placed him in a plastic kennel for the ride home, with instructions for my husband to not let him out until he got back home. Once home, it took us 2 hours total to coax him out of the kennel; then out of the main car interior. My husband got him to go out in the back yard with his leash, but we didn't realize he'd chewed 1/2-way through it on the trip home, and it snapped in 2! We tried another 2 hours to encourage him to come inside, but he'd never been with us, or in our house, so about 12:30 am, we decided to leave him out back (totally fenced), with his travel kennel on the back patio, the outside light on, and a water dish. I got up twice to check on him via a flashlight, as he was so timid he stayed within some bushes outside. This morning at 6 am, I went to see if I could coax him inside, & he was gone. I opened our front door, and I saw him jogging down our street, but since he doesn't know his name yet, and since he's still frightened from the transfer of people and environments, he just kept going. We've searched our geographic area thoroughly, have posted signs on cluster mail boxes, the foster mom from Albuquerque drove down and helped us look, and we have her t-shirt and water and food out front for him, and the garage door partially raised "just in case". I posted a BOLO on Nextdoor as well.

Area Last Seen

Canyon Ridge Arc, Las Cruces, NM 88011

Owners Name: Ken-Christine
Primary Phone Number: (575) 644-8682