Cat – Tabby siamese – 1

Date Last Seen: 2023-09-21
Type of Animal: Cat
Breed(s): Tabby siamese
Sex: Female
Spayed/Neutered? Spayed
Size: Small
Age: 1
License Number: NA
Rabies Tag Number: NA
Microchip Tag Number: NA
Alternate Identification Number:
Collar Description: Pink reflective collar with colorful nyan cat QR code name tag and Apple airtag
Colors: White with grey and some light brown accents
Defining Characteristics:

Rini can be anxiously skittish at times and has a tendency to lightly bite or scratch when being pet, but she is also very sweet, friendly, and snuggly. She has a distinctive meow, very loud and unique.

Description and Markings: Rini is a petite long-haired white cat with a fluffy greyish tail and light brownish grey accents on her face, ears, and paws. She has icey blue eyes and she's very beautiful. She's a very sweet cat but can also turn on you in seconds if she doesn't like where she's being touched or messed with. She isn't aggressive at all though. She can be shy at times but also loud when she has something to say. She has a distinctive meow, very loud and unique. She is spayed but not microchipped. She wears a pink reflective break-away collar with an Apple airtag and a colorful nyan can QR code name tag.
Additional Information: Area Last Seen

Rini was last seen at our home in Arrey, NM.

Owners Name: Kennedy
Primary Phone Number: (505) 876-7000