Cat – Tabby – 6 months

Date Last Seen: 2023-03-19
Type of Animal: Cat
Breed(s): Tabby
Sex: Male
Spayed/Neutered? Spayed
Size: Medium
Age: 6 months
License Number: N/a
Rabies Tag Number: N/a
Microchip Tag Number: N/a
Alternate Identification Number: N/a
Collar Description: N/a
Colors: Brown, white and grey
Defining Characteristics:

He has a grey spot on front paw it’s only on two of his toes on the right and then rest is white and all other 3 are white.

Description and Markings: Grey spot on right paw white paw
Additional Information:

He goes by Charlie
He can play fetch. Very sweet . Not timid.
Photo has him as a kitten to see his paw and next one is him grown older than he was as a kitten.

Area Last Seen

At home in our apartment.
Alameda apts by sun news

Owners Name: Jacqueline
Primary Phone Number: (575) 636-4408