Cat – Na – 2 years

Date Last Seen: 2021-12-20
Type of Animal: Cat
Breed(s): Na
Sex: Female
Spayed/Neutered? Spayed
Size: Medium
Age: 2 years
License Number: Na
Rabies Tag Number: Na
Microchip Tag Number: Na
Alternate Identification Number: Na
Collar Description: No collar
Colors: Striped gray brown and white
Defining Characteristics:

She has a fluffy ringged tail

Description and Markings: White spot on her muzzle fluffy and spots with stripes grey white and brown
Additional Information: Area Last Seen

She is an outdoor cat and she was seen in the mayfield area. Some neighbors reported a hispanic light colored female with reddish hair walking down the neighborhood and seemed to be feeding something or sticking her hands in some of the peoples yards like she was calling pets or perhaps feeding them to lure them in.

Owners Name: Alison
Primary Phone Number: (575) 680-4477