Dog – Unknown – Unknown/puppy

Date Found: 2023-04-27
Type of Animal: Dog
Breed(s): Unknown
Sex: Male
Spayed/Neutered Unknown
Size: Small
Age: Unknown/puppy
License Number: Unknown
Rabies Tag Number: Unknown
Microchip Tag Number No chip, per Calista.
Alternate Identification Number:
Collar Description: Red
Colors: Black/white
Defining Characteristics:

Owner must supply these characteristics to finder.

Description and Markings: Owner must supply these markings to finder.
Additional Information:

Finder does not want just anyone claiming this dog, just to get a free puppy. Owner will know the characteristics and markings as they are very distinct.

Area Found

Solano and Corbett

Contact Name: Laura Ramsey
Contact Number: (575) 644-7059