Dog – Possibly chocolate lab and pit bull – 4-5 months

Date Found: 2023-08-29
Type of Animal: Dog
Breed(s): Possibly chocolate lab and pit bull
Sex: Male
Spayed/Neutered Spayed
Size: Small
Age: 4-5 months
License Number: n/a
Rabies Tag Number: n/a
Microchip Tag Number 981020053679555 &981020053703598
Alternate Identification Number: ASCMV ID#s 63895 and 63896
Collar Description: One is black and white, the other blue
Colors: Brown with white chests and on paws
Defining Characteristics:

They both have an extra dew claw on back paws.

Description and Markings: One pup has white on his nose. Both, as noted, are brown with white on chest and paws.
Additional Information: Area Found

Two pups, brothers, found at Roper's Garage and Car Wash on Espina between Missouri and University Ave. The pups were running in and out of car wash stalls and into the garage, presumably looking for their owner. I spoke to everyone there and no one knew anything about them. An attendant at the garage said they had been there for awhile. I left my name and contact information with him. I then went to a vet and had them scanned for a chip, which they did have, but no response followed.

Contact Name: Jeanne Miner
Contact Number: (415) 524-3687