Dog – not sure poodle schnauzer mix? – unknown

Date Found: 2022-02-15
Type of Animal: Dog
Breed(s): not sure poodle schnauzer mix?
Sex: Male
Spayed/Neutered Unknown
Size: Small
Age: unknown
License Number: unknown
Rabies Tag Number: unknown
Microchip Tag Number unknown
Alternate Identification Number:
Collar Description: no collar
Colors: Salt and pepper
Defining Characteristics:

very energetic, timid but sweet, likes to stand on back legs and raise both paws towards you for attention, very confident personality

Description and Markings: salt and pepper, back paw tips are white, light brown eyes
Additional Information:

He had been hanging out in the neighborhood for some time, hanging out with the neighbors dog, but he's not theirs, as they kept shooing him away. Claimed my front porch seat as his own. I finally was able to get him to trust me enough to let me pick him up and take him in. He is a sweetie, fairly well behaved. Looks like he's intact.

Area Found

Kansas Avenue, Chiva Town

Contact Name: Liz Eres
Contact Number: (575) 288-0277