Dog – Blue Healer – Very young / under year

Date Found: 2022-10-18
Type of Animal: Dog
Breed(s): Blue Healer
Sex: Male
Spayed/Neutered Unknown
Size: Medium
Age: Very young / under year
License Number: NA
Rabies Tag Number: NA
Microchip Tag Number NA
Alternate Identification Number: NA
Collar Description: None
Colors: Gray / black
Defining Characteristics:

Very good . He is acting great for a found pet . Attached to me. More info above .

Description and Markings: Black & gray Blue Healer colors Black eye patch Cropped tail
Additional Information:

Very good dog
Please get a good home for him
He had to of not ate in weeks
Needs hood person to pay attention to him .
• I have a 7 month blue healer too and she is just now trained to stay . Sit & lie down
Along side my lab mix & they get along .
I think with personal time this male will do same . I just hate that Jim and my dogs want me on their side of the fenced .

Area Found

Kings & Holman - smelled like trash. Seems to have Ben out on its own way over a week. Very skinny / unfed.
Dog was active to see me . Took home easily & fed dog. Gave bath n brushed lots of matted hair off.
Dog is already attached and fallows me around.
Unfortunately I have a adopted dog just a year old who is very attached n they do not like me to be near the opposite dog. He will try snapping at my dog if I’m near her and visa versa .
Realy would like to keep & hope their is a owner that can take care of him .
I’ve let him loose and he will not wonder off . I kept him in my shop and he will not use restroom untill let out
Very good dog just needs a good person .

Contact Name: Frank Martinez
Contact Number: (575) 652-7339