Cat – Tabby – 1

Date Found: 2024-01-07
Type of Animal: Cat
Breed(s): Tabby
Sex: Male
Spayed/Neutered Unknown
Size: Small
Age: 1
License Number: NA
Rabies Tag Number: NA
Microchip Tag Number NA
Alternate Identification Number:
Collar Description: Black studded leather
Colors: Brown and White
Defining Characteristics:

Very well behaved and house trained; enjoys spending time in a crate. Cat also enjoys chewing blankets while kneading. Is extremely vocal and enjoys a lot of attention. Cat is not fearful of new people.

Description and Markings: Cat has a brown, striped back, head, and front left leg. Other legs, paws, and belly are white. Cat has green eyes and a very pink nose. Fur is short and well kempt. Cat is very small in size and has a long brown tail.
Additional Information:

Cat was found on front door step during a dust storm and walked inside on his own. He was not fearful and eagerly explored, though was extremely hesitant to go outside again.

Area Found

On S. Triviz Dr., near Idaho St.

Contact Name: Margot Shipton Cook
Contact Number: (323) 365-8427